My Time To Shine

We just closed Wizard of Oz (YPE), and what an amazing show it was! We had a performer be the tornado, we had two Dorothys, we had a female Wizard of Oz, and I can guarantee that it was one of the most hilarious performances of Wizard of Oz ever! We like to keep our […]

Power Walking

It’s been a year! That’s a song… Oh my, it’s been far too long since I’ve written a blog post. Things have been weird for me in the last year, and I am not one to announce things without 100% certainty. Even then… I’m an introvert. I suppose an update is way past due. Going […]

Sweet Relief

I’ve been working full-time at the law firm for just over two years and for the last year and a half I have been working two to three additional jobs. This was no easy task, but I refuse to be a starving artist and I refuse to throw my dreams away for the sake of […]

Show Choir

Show choir is officially over, and, as with most of my projects, it leaves me feeling bittersweet. Bitter because I grow to love the people I’m working with, I become comfortable with the routine of the project, and I am happy to see the fruits of my labor, and now it’s all over. Sweet because […]

Change in Seasons

Seussical is over, My Time To Shine is over, and summer is over. I’m done music directing shows until the new year, so my next animal is show choir. The process started off a little rocky – I don’t have too much experience with high school ages (and let’s face it, high school girls are […]

Autumn is Near

I’m finding myself being presented with so many opportunities around the area! My life is currently on constant “Go!” I am very excited about all of these opportunities and the workaholic in me enjoys the busyness. Don’t worry, I do find some time for rest. Here’s some news for the approaching Autumn! I am incredibly […]

Willy Wonka

My Time To Shine is back! I am very excited to be working with the wonderful Miss. Julie and Miss. Deidre once again! We’re doing Willy Wonka KIDS! Our cast is cast, we’re a few weeks into rehearsals, and we made the news! Check it out here! This is my favorite group to work with. […]