Wednesday Update

There was an Artistic Team Meeting for Bridge to Terabithia tonight. It was nice to officially meet everyone and figure out, generally, how this whole process is going to work. We hashed out a lot of logistics and it looks like I have a lot of upfront work to do. I am adding chorus parts […]

My Son Pinocchio, Jr.

Less than two weeks ago I received an email from The Biz asking me to be the Music Director for My Son Pinocchio, Jr. This show is made up of 62 kids between ages 5-12 and will be directed and choreographed by The Biz’s co-owner, Jeff VanParis. Last week were auditions, tonight was our first rehearsal, and opening […]

Happy New Year

There are many exciting things to look forward to this year. I have been researching and reaching out around the area trying to get my name out there and gain more experience. I’ve been in this area for a year and have accomplished a lot in that time. I couldn’t be more grateful for The Biz: […]