A Post of Past, Present, and Future

Last night’s rehearsal for Bridge to Terabithia was one of the most productive and fun rehearsals I have ever had. I had my two leads for a three hour vocal rehearsal. Now, that’s a lot of singing for a kid, so we took breaks every 45 minutes. During our breaks we played games, so it was a fun time to get to know them. I personally think rehearsals are more fun with smaller groups than larger. But, like I said, we were very productive. They learned all but three songs during this rehearsal. I’m very proud of these two. I think I made it on their Instagram too.

Present (Technically, also past, but who cares for such technicalities?)
Today was the Showcase for The Biz. After this morning’s rehearsal for Bridge to Terabithia, I had to run over to the church for the Showcase. I ran sound and I had four different groups to be there for. I lumped my two Acting classes into one group. The activities I picked were ones that the kids had begged me to do, and yet they groaned when I introduced each activity. I’ve noticed with the Acting classes that they tend to be very silly and rowdy with each activity in class, but once they hit the stage, they are so reserved and self-conscious. It’s kind of funny, actually. I suppose they lose their safe place once they take the activities to the stage. But, hey! It’s something they have to become comfortable with, so it was a good experience, even if they pretended to hate it. Stage School performed their song and dance to an Aladdin medley. They did a thing. The My Time To Shine Stage School also had their time on the stage. The audience love this group, for good reason! They sang and danced two a couple songs from Seussical, Jr. and performed a skit. My Time To Shine, which is our special needs program, never fails to amaze me. We had three mentors to help Miss. Julie and I out during class, but many of them were able to perform with little to no help from the mentors. Hats off to one of the most inspirational groups I have ever worked with.

Fun fact: One month from tomorrow I will be going to The Big Apple for Voices on Broadway with The Biz! This will be my first trip to New York AND we’ll be working with Broadway professionals! It’s a super win! I hope to learn a thing or two and make some connections while I’m out there. I’m also in the process of setting up interviews with a couple different places while I’m out there. Fingers crossed! Who knows what kind of doors this trip could open! Excited and Nervous.


Beginnings and Endings

My Son Pinocchio, Jr. has come to a close. I couldn’t be more proud of this group of kids. They worked so hard and ended up exceeding my expectations.

We’ve also had our first two rehearsals for Bridge to Terabithia. This process is unlike any of the other shows I have done. It’s bizarre to not have everything (at least on my end) prepared before rehearsals begin. For example: today I taught a group of kids a song with full knowledge that it would be set in a very different key. I, of course, warned them that it would be lower by our next rehearsal, but it’s just odd.