Biting the Big Apple

I saw three Broadway shows and one Off-Broadway show. Tickets were actually decently priced and the shows were as amazing as one could expect! I was a VIP for Something Rotten! One of the girls I was with knew one of the leads and we were able to go backstage and see the wig room, the costume room, and the pit, and we were able to hang out on the stage. It was a pretty cool (and cramped) experience. I learned that backstage is so small in most of the Broadway theatres that the dressing rooms are actually

upstairs for a couple floors. Once the show starts, the performers just stay backstage during the show because there’s no point for them to go all the way upstairs. Many of the shows are ensemble heavy anyway – there’s a lot of chorus dancing.

I was able to talk with a couple different people about their journey; I was surprised that they were so down to earth and normal. I guess I didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect them to have so much in common with me. Hobbies include binge watching Netflix, eating junk food, and being silly. Stereotypes.

On another note, New York City is an amazing city! There is so much to do on the cheap if you just go out

exploring. I walked roughly 10 miles every day, and, not including the shows I saw, I spent less than $100 on food, transportation, and other experiences during the five day trip and I had a fantastic time! After many discussions, I’ve come to the conclusion that a career in NYC would be a lot of hard work, obviously, but totally doable. Who knows, perhaps I’ll find myself there in the near future.