Bridge to Terabithia


Tonight was opening night for Bridge to Terabithia! Over the last four months, I have poured so much into this show and I can’t believe it’s finally being presented to the world. With the help of cooperative and flexible cast members and musicians, I was able to bring a bunch of scribbles (I mean that figuratively and literally, as the score was handwritten) to life. This is also the first show I’ve been involved in where I actually get to sit back and watch my creation. In the past I’ve either been helping backstage or in the booth running sound. It was a weird but oddly relaxing experience knowing that my work is basically done; I took advantage of not having to wear all black. Sunday everything will be torn down and I’ll start on my next project. It has been a fun experience working with Ryan (Director) and Carol (Assistant Director/Choreographer), along with everyone else who helped make this show possible.