Change in Seasons

Seussical is over, My Time To Shine is over, and summer is over.

I’m done music directing shows until the new year, so my next animal is show choir. The process started off a little rocky – I don’t have too much experience with high school ages (and let’s face it, high school girls are intimidating), I was in a new environment, and I needed to learn a new teaching style.

Open gyms were fantastic. We only had a third of the group attend throughout this past month but I’m hopeful that the rest of the girls are working on their own. I realize that’s probably being a little too optimistic, but it’s easier to teach and clean material when part of the group already has it learned and cleaned.

Thinking about how quickly February is approaching makes me incredibly nervous. We finally have all six pieces picked out, but we only have two songs learned and three songs choreographed. We also have not solidified any spots. I am directing about 50 girls all by myself and there are very few sections that are vocally or choreographically unison. When the science behind temporarily cloning human beings becomes safe, I will quickly invest. How wonderfully efficient would be if I could split myself in half or in thirds so I can lead different groups in a rehearsal and then morph back together!