Show Choir

Show choir is officially over, and, as with most of my projects, it leaves me feeling bittersweet. Bitter because I grow to love the people I’m working with, I become comfortable with the routine of the project, and I am happy to see the fruits of my labor, and now it’s all over. Sweet because after all of my hard work, I am happy and ready for a break. I am also excited and ready to begin my next project.


I wasn’t really sure what to anticipate when I agreed to direct Attraction. All I had to go off of was my high school’s show choir (which was not competitive, nor did I participate in it) and the media. The show choir world is almost as crazy and ridiculous as the movies and TV shows make it out to be. It’s very competitive, very entertaining, and very time consuming. The girls worked hard and had a successful season. I’m proud to say that they improved with each competition and I helped them bring home their second trophy.

On to my next project: High School Musical with CYT. This is my third round with HSM. I just can’t seem to shake it. Today is my first rehearsal and of course this baby popped up on my timehop. I’m excited to begin working with this show’s team.


A note for the future: All productions meetings should involve sushi.